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Looking to clean your carpet? There is only one way to do this and that is the right way. Our carpet cleaning Hanover PA is the best way to have your carpet cleaned.

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#1 Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets can get really dirty. They trap all the dust, allergens, mites, fleas from pets, and other contaminants in the house. However, you might have spills causing stains. The end result is not only an unsightly carpet but one that is unhygienic and a source of infections and diseases especially for your children. You do not have to worry however because our carpet cleaning Hanover PA can get rid of all this. We offer carpet cleaning services in the region that are superb. Regular vacuuming of your carpet is important but it doesn’t get rid dust and contaminants embedded deep in the fibers of the carpet. Our professional cleaning service ensures that your carpets receive a deep clean removing all soiling and contaminants in the carpet. Our professionals will inform you of any stains and walk you through how they can be removed.
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Our Cleaning Process

Our carpet cleaning process is like no other. We do not skimp on details. Our professionals will start with an inspection of the area that needs cleaning. They will check for stains and tough areas like heavy traffic areas where there could be lots of soiling. After this they will talk to you briefly about the condition of your carpet and what can be done about it. Before cleaning can start, all light and movable furniture will be moved out of the way. This is done to create enough space for the cleaning process. The carpet is pre-vacuumed using industry grade vacuums. This ensures that all loose dust and allergens are removed from the carpet. After the carpet is vacuumed, spot cleaning is done. This is done to get rid of the stubborn spots and stains. The carpet is then sprayed with cleaning supplies. We only use green supplies with a formulation that we have designed ourselves for proper cleaning. Our solution dissolves the grime causing the stain or the dust embedded deep in your carpet so that it becomes easy to remove. Depending on the method being used (extraction or dry cleaning method) your carpet is then scrubbed or bonnet cleaned. Afterwards extraction is done or the carpet is vacuumed again for completion.  An inspection of the carpet is done to now ensure that it is clean and no stains remain.

Why Use Our Carpet Cleaning Service?

  • We have knowledge of the different types of carpets. We therefore offer tailored services meant to suit the type of carpet you have. We can also work on carpets made of different materials and even blends.
  • We use green cleaning supplies that cannot harm your children or pets. They are safe for the environment and will not release toxins into the air you breathe.
  • We do not concentrate on the surface but give the carpet a deep clean reaching deep into the fibers.
  • We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the service just inform us and we will redo it for you, free.

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